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Immediately at losing a beloved person we unequivocally encounter the transience of our own lives. We have to halt and to answer questions we probably have never asked ourselves before. Time and space become a matter of secondary importance.

A look upon the funeral rituals of various cultures makes it clear that first of all, this event may not be experienced in solitude and secondly, it may not take place covertly. We are aware the funeral is only feasible or rather bearable first and foremost through a community. Very often we experience the loss of a closely related person as only a stone's throw away from of our own present and future. Just like the unity of form and content generates a statement in a work of art, remembrance has its origins in the varied forms of community. Gratitude is the most beautiful form of remembrance, music is the most beautiful form of solace.

It goes without saying in our house that the deceased is cared for in a proper and dignified manner. Our everyday objective is to bundle the memories during the funeral service so as to show a passable path for all relatives. Since there will never again be so many people gathered at one time and in one place to think together simultaneously of this bereavement.

Hence, all parameters of the memorial ceremony are to be considered carefully and adapted to the demands of all relatives. It's not only our employees' long- standing experience, but also their ability to be able to listen that are indispensable in the given process.

Every funeral is as unique as а life itself, for it also lives on in memory.

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